Malik Ghulam Hussain
Main Library University Of Sargodha
Mandi-Bahauddin Campus
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These are exciting and challenging times for “knowledge workers,” as librarians and information scientists are sometimes called. We live in the Information Age, an era in which new knowledge is being generated at an incredible pace. Rapidly developing and converging technology is allowing ideas to flow more freely than ever before. This is the environment in which academic libraries must define their missions, plan their operations, and improve their ability to respond to the information needs of learners, teachers, and researchers. Naveed Main Library University of Sargodha Sub Campus Mandi-Bahauddin, Mandi-Bahauddin, Punjab, Pakistan was established in 2013. It aims to offer effective services to its users to fulfill the needs of undergraduate, graduate, postgraduate, and professional levels. The library serves the purposes and aims of formal and informal learning. Keeping in view of the needs of current and upcoming user. Along with our growing digital inventory of information across all disciplines, the Library provide our scholarly community with a well-balanced collection of print and audio-visual resources.