As a student at UOS at Mandi Bahauddin you will be a part of one of the Pakistan’s most vibrant and cosmopolitan cities. Mandi Bahauddin is a city at the heart of Pakistan. Not just geographically, thanks to its enviable location- but also in terms of design, agriculture, business, and culture. Above all, Mandi Bahauddin will surprise you with its energy and diversity. Mandi Bahaudddin is located ¡n between two famous vers, i.e., River Jehium and River Chenab. Because of its proximity with the vers, the land is good for cultivation with rice, wheat and sugar cane as main crops. It is bounded on the south by the flyer Chenab, separating it from the districts of Gujranwala and Hafizabad, bounded on the north by the river Jhelum separating it from district Jhelum, on the east by district Gujrat and on the south west by District Sargodha. Mandi Bahauddin is located in the central portion of Chaj Doab, lying between the Jhelum and Chenab rivers. It lies between 3G-8 to 32-40 degrees latitude and 73-36 to 73-37 degrees east Ionqitude.

Tehsils & Unions in the District of Mandi Bahauddin:
Total Tebsils 3
Tota Unions 65
TehsiI Phalia 21 Unions
Tehsil Malakwal 17 Unions
Mandi Bahauddin 27 Unions
Populaon growth rate 1.87%

Catchment Areas:

The TehsiI headquarters towns of Phalia and MalikwaI are 22.5 and 28.5 kilometres from Mandi Bahauddin, respectively. It is bounded on the north by the Jhelum river, which separates from Jhelam district; on the west by Sargodha district; on the south by river Chenab (which separates from the Gujranwala and Hafizabad distiicts); and on the east by Gujrat district. The total area of the district is 2,673 square kilometres. The district comprises the Mandi Bahauddin, Phalia, and Malikwal Tehsils. So, the Mandi Bahauddin Campus is enjoying far flung areas of Mandi Bahauddin District as catchments. It is will attracts not only the students of nearby districts but also from all over the country.